"Because dry-cured hams are not all the same!”

Dry-cured ham is like Champagne: each house, each winery has its own characteristics.They are all called Champagne, but each one is different! The same applies to dry-cured hams: always look at the manufacturer and brand, because each manufacturer has its own processing system that strongly determines the quality of the product.

100% Italian: at Ruliano we select only the best haunches from Italian pigs, born and bred, slaughtered and processed in Italy.

100% Natural: only very little sea salt, the most ancient way to preserve food in a natural way, with no artificial preservatives or additives. The air from the mountains and the unspoiled nature that surround the Ruliano curing plant favour the microclimate that is unique and ideal for maturing the Ruliano Perex Suctum Ham.

100% Ruliano: thanks to the experience of three generations, the "unique and personal" manufacturing by Daniele Montali gives rise to the inimitable, enticing taste of the Ruliano Perex Suctum dry-cured ham. The ham factory boasts an important system of certifications and is equipped with state-of-the-art technology that allows the most stringent controls at all stages of processing.

“Always ask for the original Ruliano Perex Suctum Ham because dry-cured hams are not all the same!”

Daniele Montali